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Hairstylist  - Brazilian Keratin Treatment Specialist - Call:(619) 764-2492  

Brazilian Keratin Treatment San Diego

1. What is the Brazilian Keratin Treatment  - Intelligent Straightening?
Brazilian Keratin Treatment  is an advanced method for straightening hair. It is more advanced than the traditional Keratin treatment. The traditional Keratin treatment required a three-day wait period before washing the hair. The new Brazilian Keratin Treatment  by Inoar Cosmetics allows you to wash the hair just one hour after completing the Keratin treatment. This is a real advancement you'll not find anywhere else.

2. Can I apply Brazilian Keratin Treatment on damaged hair that has been colored?

Yes, you can use Brazilian Keratin  treatment on hair that has been damaged by chemicals. It will not break down your hair. It will hydrate it and bring it to a beautiful natural effect.

3. How long after the first-time application should I do the Brazilian Keratin treatment  again?

You can treat your hair with Brazilian Keratin Treatment  as many times as you want until you achieve the desired straightening effect. It can be reapplied on the same day just observing if there are signs of irritation on the scalp.

4. For how long does straightening effect last after the Brazilian Keratin Treatment ? 

The straightening effect last around three months, depending on how many times you have done it and the care you provide to the treated hair. This will also depend on the texture of your hair. We recommend you wash your hair with salt-free shampoo. We have a maintenance kit which will help your treatment last longer.

5. How many times do I have to do the Brazilian Keratin treatment  for a good straightening effect? 

Generally one to two  Brazilian Keratin Treatment sessions will provide a great effect. The need for more Keratin treatments will depend on the hair texture.

6. Does Brazilian Keratin treatment  irritate the eyes or cause smoke? 

The Brazilian Keratin Treatment  when used by a trained professional will not cause eye irritation or heavy smoke. It is suggested that the professional work in an open area such as a salon and not in a closed room. The use of gloves are recommended but not required.

7. Does Brazilian Keratin Treatment  contain guaniydine, tioglicolato of ammonia or sodium hydroxide, or any other straightening active ingredient?

No. For a list of all active ingredients, see the question below (what are the active ingredients in the Brazilian Keratin Treatment ?).

8. What are the active ingredients in the Brazilian Keratin Treatment?

Silicone Polymers, Emollient agents: Cocoa extract, White Clay is activated by the heat from a straightening iron at 356 degrees Fahrenheit.

9. Is there any special care I should give my hair to make the Brazilian Keratin Treatment  last longer?

To prolong the effects of the Brazilian Keratin Treatment , only certain products should be used on your hair. It is recommended that you use a shampoo without salt, mask or reconstructive and leave-in to help your Brazilian Keratin treatment  last longer. If possible, you should use the same brand or line of products as was used to straighten your hair.

10. Can I do Brazilian Keratin Treatment on the same day on which I have colored, bleached/lightened or straightened my hair? 

The Brazilian Keratin Treatment  may be done at  any time, including just after or before a coloring, bleaching/lightening or straightening treatment.

11. My hair has been treated with products containing tioglicolato of ammonia and Pyrogallic acid. Can I do Brazilian Keratin Treatment  on my hair?

Yes, there are no incompatibilities for hair which has already been treated with other straighteners.